Sorry, Clown Club! AHS Introduces Yet Another Creepy Clown: Our Rants and Raves

October 23, 2014 5:03 AM

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A lot of dreams came true tonight, you guys. Actually it was just one dream, and it involved a black cat, a fake gynecologist, and the realization that Sabrina the Teenage Witch ended 11 years ago, and thus we are quite old. But first, American Horror Story clearly hates us and has no respect for the fact that we didn't really want that first clown, since now they've gone and added another. Plus, Arrow went on a trip! One of those shows featured people pouring boiling water on their hands, and it's (probably) not the one you're thinking. Read on for all of our rants and raves!

RANT: AHS: Freak Show: Uh, did we ask for another clown? No, we did not, so're gonna need Dandy to stop that creepy cosplay immediately, thank you very much. We also didn't need Edward Mordrake as even more fodder for our ever-worsening nightmares. However, his talk with Ethel revealed a devastating...

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