Sore feet? Try these

April 4, 2015 12:00 PM

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Lavina Bonar's eureka moment happened a couple of years ago when she faced a dilemma many job seekers can relate to: scrambling to find an outfit for a last-minute interview. She found a suit but couldn't grab shoes that matched her size. And since she couldn't walk into the interview with a pair that was too roomy — she might lose a shoe or fall over, after all — she settled for a pair that was one size too small. In the end, Bonar got the job — and a whole bunch of blisters.

Which is how she got inspired to create Sizers, a toe cushion that allows you to adjust the fit of loose shoes. It's one of several new foot cushions and liners on the market these days designed to help women ease into their heels a little more comfortably. A twist on old-school Dr. Scholl's (he die...

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