Sometimes They Choose the Carrots... Sometimes

September 2, 2014 2:12 PM

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Like most parents, I think about what my kids eat. I want them to be healthy, to grow up strong and to make smart choices on their own. There are trendy, super healthy foods they love: kale chips, which we bake together; salmon, berries, red peppers, green beans, quinoa. They also love junk food -- chips, cookies, ice cream, pizza, French fries, "fruit" snacks (let's be real -- five percent fruit juice doesn't make it a fruit). And I let them have it, in moderation, but we talk about it. Now, it's not an ad nauseam discussion about the perils of potato chips versus the glorious benefits of swiss chard, but it is a realistic discussion. They know I love potato chips, but that I don't them every day. I talk about the foods I enjoy that also make me feel better and keep my mind more focused (salmon). I talk about foods I eat before (banana) and after (plain yogurt, eggs and avocado) my runs to help my muscles stay strong, grow and recover. I believe part of helping our kids be healthier is to make them a part of the process.

There is such joy to be found in food. It brings people together -- it's an opportunity to connect with our children in the kitchen, to learn about other cultures, to discover our similarities. Talking about how food affects our bodies is an important part of that process. Letting our children know ...

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