Something That Almost Works

December 19, 2014 3:59 PM

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Whether I attribute it to something gone haywire in my orbitofrontal cortex, misaligned or misfiring opiate and dopamine receptors, or even the sexual violence incurred in my childhood, the answer always comes out the same -- I am an addict. Being ensnared in an active addiction is a tortuous death spiral, a soul-sucking spiritual thirst, a cantankerous craving, an insatiable seduction, but most of, an anxiety-fueled obsession that's all about self-negation.

I'm coming up on 18 years of being clean and sober, yet I'm ever so vigilant of how tenuous my sobriety can be. The longer I go without a drink or a drug, the more susceptible I am to getting lulled into complacency. It's a daily reminder that while I'm going about rebuilding my life after drugs and...

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