Some Evidence of the Human Spirit

July 28, 2014 4:18 PM

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Some Evidence of the Human Spirit

Most of my friends and family know that my grandmother passed away very recently. It has been harder for me than I had expected. She was just about to turn 95 on July 12th. She was part of almost every single memory I have of growing up and was definitely no "normal old lady." She had this spirit and energy that was continuous and contagious. Just to give you an idea, she was still playing golf at 92. Her name was Faustina Posa. I have never met anyone with her name, nor have I met anyone quite like her. She cursed like a sailor, made everyone laugh, and often complained that she could never find a guy that could keep up no matter how much younger he was.

The one thing that has given me the most comfort, is the belief that she hasn't really died. And I really started to wonder what that meant. WHAT was it that died? Who is this "she"? Where did she go? I wasn't satisfied with the answer that she was now in a box buried 15 feet below a tombstone.

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