What Sobriety Means to Me

October 22, 2014 4:35 PM

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What Sobriety Means to Me

I rarely discuss my sobriety, yet alone, write about it. It's not because I'm embarrassed by the admission of being a reformed drunk. No, I made the public declarations about the road to recovery when I first gave up drinking last year. I even wrote a blog entry about the first 30 days. However, what I quickly found out is that those who were nearest and dearest to me had a difficult time understanding the latest development in my life.

The conversations I had with friends and family became rather predictable. "You don't look like someone who has a problem with alcohol." should have been printed on t-shirts for every person I spoke to. As time went on, I had friends attempt to give watered down and dismissive explanations of my sob...

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