So, You're Gonna Do Chemo?

January 13, 2015 6:44 PM

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When I was diagnosed at the end of 2011, and before I knew what stage breast cancer I had or what size the tumors were and all that jazz, I hoped it was at the very worst stage one and that I'd get away with some surgery and no chemo. I had been pretty darn healthy or so I thought; a reasonably good eater, non-smoker, etc. Of course I was in a total tizzy and couldn't imagine that I had something worse than just a little "bout" of cancer. As the news rolled in after the biopsy, I was told that although it was more like stage two, what I had was aggressive and had a high rate of recurrence. This changed everything.

My oncologist "recommended" chemo. I was given the option of surgery either before or after treatment but it was explained that doing chemo first would help to see how the two small tumors were responding. I was told that with treatment, which, according to the team at UCLA would be difficult but th...

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