Snow Zen | Melissa DeCastro

January 27, 2015 7:52 PM

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Snow Zen | Melissa DeCastro

Every winter could use a blizzard. Not for the lines for groceries or the hard commutes and cold weather faced by those outside, but as a reminder of our priorities. Weather can change all seemingly well-laid plans, and stop a city literally in its tracks. Somewhat surprisingly snow is not universally frustrating to all, and anger is not the first response. Rather, it has a calming and peaceful effect when it falls. It slows the pace and quiets the streets and requires us to change plans for the day. Snow is nature's Zen.

In a city where everyone seems to schedule each day with precision to the hour if not the minute, and neighbors rarely greet each other beyond a nod, all is changed when snow is measured with a yard stick instead of a ruler. When every form of transportation has come to a stand still, and even walki...

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