'SNL' recap: Chris Hemsworth and Zac Brown Band

March 8, 2015 6:39 PM

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Kate McKinnon has played Hillary Clinton before, but this week’s cold open likely solidifies her impersonation for the 2016 presidenital election (Vanessa Bayer played her after McKinnon in 2014). She’ll play her, that is, if Clinton runs, which is the main throughline of the sketch. The cold open throws every Clinton joke at the wall hoping something sticks, and for the most part they do, thanks to McKinnon’s impression. That, and for the best use of Clinton’s maiden name I’ve heard in years—”You won’t find jack Rodham squat” in her emails.

Not only did I not laugh once at The Iggy Azalea Show, but it all felt like a missed opportunity. The Iggy Azalea/Azealia Banks feud was barely mined for laughs, and there just wasn’t anything particularly memorable about McKinnon’s impression. And it may have been the episode’s most fleeting use of...

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