Will Smith's a con artist, but don't let this movie fool you | OregonLive.com

February 26, 2015 1:01 PM

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Will Smith plays a smooth-talking con man in "Focus," not a stretch for him but a welcome change from the special-effects junk and father-son vanity projects that have been weighing him down lately. He plays opposite Margot Robbie, the Australian bombshell who stole a big slice of "The Wolf of Wall Street" right out from under Leonardo DiCaprio's overeager nose.

This time Robbie is stealing watches off businessmen when Smith spots her in an upscale bar. No sooner have they met than she's on top of him and he's onto her con and showing her the tricks of trade, "tells" and "reveals" and other pickpockety lingo that sounds sexy when attractive actors say it. H...

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