Smartwatches might cause cancer, says article based on ‘expert’ who pushes holistic breast cancer treatments

March 19, 2015 6:06 PM

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Fitbits probably won't give people tumors, but articles like the one The New York Times ran this week might give me an ulcer. In the recent piece by Style writer Nick Bilton, The New York Times pushes a heavy-handed anti-science message: Scientists aren't willing to say that no, beyond any shadow of a doubt, cell phones don't increase the likelihood of cancer (because such a statement, barring some radical discovery followed by several remarkably longterm and well-done follow-up studies, would be a dumb one for a scientist to make) so we should probably all be concerned about cell phones, and by extension the new smart devices like fitness trackers and smartwatches. I mean, we all use them, but at what cost, by God.

But here's the biggest problem: Bilton's main source in the article isn't a cellphone expert. He's a cancer "expert" who sells "alternative treatments" for cancer on his Web site. The guy telling you to be afraid of cellphones and smartwatches is the same one who thinks you could probably do without...

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