Small Steps for Effective Results

January 7, 2015 5:36 PM

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Deep within each person resides a dream waiting to be manifested. Unfortunately, for most people, the dream doesn't move past the 'waiting phase.' It sits in limbo, filed alongside mere fantasies. The reason so many people go through life just getting by and not fulfilling their heart's potential is that they feel overwhelmed. They envision the grandness of the finish line, but stop in their tracks not knowing how they'll get there. Most will say, 'That's life.' But it's wrong to blame life. Life is waiting for us to realize our potential and live up to it. The more people who rise to their greatness, the better our world will be. And the more people who fear fulfilling their dreams and desires, the more lacking our world will be.

It's understandable to not want to start, simply because the road is long. The mind loves to take the lazy way out. A mind that is not trained will just 'get by.' However, those who realize that the mind is a muscle, in need of training each day, will achieve the most. And the key to training the mi...

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