Small Moments Can Change the World

July 31, 2014 6:05 PM

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Small Moments Can Change the World

I've been reflecting lately on the power of small things. From the importance of purchasing a beach bag with a zipper when you're at a sandy, windy beach (I'm still discovering last year's sand in my apartment) to saying "no" to a work opportunity that doesn't feel right. Without even realizing it, one small act can lead to a day or even a lifetime of happiness and peace. I always hear about it, "the devil is in the details, small things matter... yada yada yada," but when reflecting about our big ambitions and dreams in life, sometimes we can easily forget how just one small change or moment can trigger a new life and world.

So, I wanted to pause for a moment, share this quote and some small moments that surprisingly impacted and changed the world. My hope is that these examples of small acts can help us tap into our own strength to make a tiny change that could make a world of difference in our own lives and our commun...

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