Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed

September 29, 2014 8:15 PM

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Sleeping in the Middle of the Bed

"I'll talk to you later, my friend," I said as I was pulling up to the front of my house. I'd been on a call with a man named Tony. We'd been getting to know one another for the last week or so through phone calls and a bit of texting. He was a nice man with an easy laugh who had just helped me with the purchase of some new tools at the big box home store. We'd had fun on the phone as we discussed my choices for 10-in-one screw drivers and combination packages of vise-grip and channel-lock pliers.

I sat there in my driveway looking out the car window contemplating the breeze-tossed trees as the word "friend" echoed in my head. The echo told me that I did not want to hear from Tony again. I knew he was interested in our just-starting relationship and wanted it to be more, but I didn't. My wish...

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