The Six-Step Relationship Strategy for Adults

November 11, 2014 4:07 PM

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Two years ago, as I was waiting for one of the "women with potential" to show up, I wrote this Relationship Strategy list. Just like I would for an online marketing project I was taking on. Here I was, getting ready to hang out with this woman, and I'm designing the strategy for getting beyond dating and into relationship. I knew this wasn't really just about her, it was a framework, that I was hoping our passionate overtures would rip right through. She turned into a dud, but I'm still hopeful.

That's it. Pretty simple. And while it hasn't produced the next relationship for me, it has helped me dodge some non-starters. Why spend our time pursuing someone who may be attractive but has nothing in common with us. It happens, beauty is hard to deny. But beauty can also be a trap. We can pay to...

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