Six Healthy And Easy Ways To Boost Your Productivity At Work

December 11, 2014 5:00 AM

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Everyone needs a break from work, but smoking or hanging out in front of the vending machine are not the best -- or healthiest -- uses of your time. While smoking and mindless snacking on sugary or salty treats might provide a momentary escape from the work day, snacking on fatty foods leads to high abdominal fat and a fatty liver. And according to Dr. Tim McAfee of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, smoking could cut about 10 years off your life expectancy.

We teamed up with Aetna to search for ways to turn the time usually spent during a cigarette or snack break -- about 5 to 10 minutes -- into something healthier and more productive. While your workplace may never have ball pits, nap pods or any of the other out-of-the-box office perks that the H.R. ...

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