Six Films That Could Save the World

July 23, 2014 3:18 PM

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Six Films That Could Save the World

I've learned all I know about faraway cultures and long-standing conflicts from art -- more specifically films. My knowledge lies deep within my heart, it lives constantly in the recesses on my mind, and occupies my soul, so that my responses and my beliefs are seldom knee-jerk reactions or opinionated points of view. It's not because I'm particularly special, sensible or intelligent, quite the contrary, I'm just an ordinary human being. But my education hasn't come from books or the media. It has come thanks to some of the most special people on earth, the artists of our times, and is the kind available to all of us, if only we care to listen (or in this case, watch). It's what I like to call a little learning with my entertainment, activism of the cultural kind.

Yet these days, there is more and more bad news for those of us who believe in art as a means to change the world. Filmmakers have been forced to take sides, boycott festivals and stand together (yet separated) against war. More lines are drawn and the great cinematic community that used to include ...

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