Singles Badge on the App Store on iTunes

April 25, 2015 11:01 PM

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It revolutionises the dating scene. This isn't a dating site, it's just an app to say 'hey I'm single' and allows you to see other singles close to you. No matter where you are; in a bar, coffee shop, library or supermarket, singles badge will keep you alerted to other singles that meet your search criteria within your close proximity. You can then message or flirt and see if they reply. If it's unwanted attention though, you simply block them and your profile will be invisible to them from then on. You may even see the person first then check on the app to see if they are single.

Collect flirts from people to move up the top 100 most flirts on the entire app. If you collect enough your profile will upgrade to eventually celebrity status meaning you can message other celebrities on the app.

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