Single Molecule Diode Paves Way for Microscopic Electronics

May 26, 2015 4:52 PM

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Researchers at Columbia and Berkeley have successfully created an effective single molecule diode, a development that could lead to the creation of nano-scale electronic devices. The concept of a single molecule diode was first proposed in 1974 By Mark Ratner and Arieh Aviram, and has until now been a tantalizingly unachievable goal in nanotechnology. Now that a one-molecule diode has been developed, the world may be closer to seeing an entire electronic device contained in one molecule.

A diode basically acts as a gate for the flow of electricity. It only allows electricity to travel through it in one direction. Diodes are a crucial part of the circuits that power the electronic devices we use every day, including the microchips that make computers work. The single molecule diode i...

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