Similar Patterns Seem to Be the The Cause for The 1934 and The Recent Drought Affecting The State

October 18, 2014 9:37 PM

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One of the worst American catastrophes of the last century was the drought of 1934. This drought might have been caused by the same factors than the drought California is currently experiencing, this according to a new study. The drought of 1934 was so severe that it encompassed seven times as much land than other droughts, during the years of 1000 to 2005. It was worse than the drought of 1580, which is the second most severe drought to affect the American continent. The drought of 1934 was the worse in history, because it was not regional like the one hitting California. The drought of 1934 affected more states of the American Union.

The drought of 1934 was not only the worst drought in history, but it also appears to be different from other droughts in history. The difference between the 1934 drought and others in history is found within a very particular atmospheric phenomenon, which is present today.

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