The Silly Sexism of 'The Walking Dead' | Olivia Cole

February 19, 2015 4:54 PM

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The Silly Sexism of 'The Walking Dead' | Olivia Cole

The Walking Dead, like any show, has its problems. While it is one of the most diverse shows on television, many have criticized its revolving door of people of color: killing one off before adding the next, as if having too many non-white people onscreen at one time would be too much. And while there are lots of women onscreen -- including women of color: Michonne kicks ass as well as kicking the ass of stereotyped writing -- there is another small thing that continues to irk me when I tune in every Sunday.

Rick, Darryl and the other dudes look fit for an apocalypse: their scruffy faces get scruffier every season, and flashbacks to the smooth-faced Sherriff Rick of Season 1 are almost shocking in their stark difference. It's an effective plot device, really; a way of illustrating both the passage of ti...

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