Silence in the Time of the Apple Watch

January 20, 2015 3:46 PM

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I hate eating by myself. Fortunately, given the moral imperative that living in Manhattan creates to have a rich and full social calendar, I rarely have to. But on the occasion when either out of choice or poor planning, I do have to break bread alone, I have noticed that I gravitate towards restaurants that are lone diner friendly. By which I mean the kind of place where the hostess' face does not contort with concern or pity when you walk in and, with feigned nonchalance, announce "one for dinner."

In places like that, I often see other lone diners. What I also notice is that most of them, often including myself, are not really dining alone. They are dining with their smartphone or tablet screens, the soft bluish glow of the screens comforting, perhaps through allusion -- alluding to the conne...

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