Sighs and videotape in ‘Sex Tape’

July 18, 2014 10:16 PM

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Sighs and videotape in ‘Sex Tape’

He lost a ton of weight for his role as the husband in “Sex Tape” — maybe he thought no one would believe Cameron Diaz would get between the sheets with him if he weren’t a stick — and he seems miserable. The actor’s comic timing is still in evidence, and thank God for that. This frantic farce about a married couple whose video frolic goes viral would be much less bearable without the topspin Segel imparts to even his silliest dialogue. But he looks hollow-eyed and gaunt, like a man starving himself to prove a point. I want the old, lumpy Jason Segel back. Eat, bubbe, eat.

“Sex Tape” is a cartoonish summer comedy whose best bits are in the trailer but which still squeezes out a few decent cheap laughs, most of them at the expense of married people. It’s directed by Jake Kasdan and written by Kasdan, Kate Angelo, and Nicholas Stoller; the latter wrote and directed the ...

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