A-Sides with Jon Chattman: Ryan Shaw Shows Some "Real Love"; Animal Years Lift Some Spirits

June 30, 2014 6:38 PM

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You know it's summer in New York City when rooftop concerts start taking place. That said, I am a bit curious if such gigs take place in the freezing cold months. If they do, it's pretty messed up to have people get frost bite just to hear their favorite tunes. As I Google that or perhaps not (I waste time on the Interwebs but even I have to cross a line somewhere), let's move from my irrelevant curiosity to the purpose of this post. Earlier this month, Round Hill Music held a private event (hat tip to Heineken) atop a Manhattan roof (how's that for generalization and weird phrasing?) with two vastly different rising performers.

Ryan Shaw has worn many hats in recent years. Of course, I'm referring to the fact he's mastered several mediums. That said, he may also literally wear a lot of hats. But, that's not important right now. If you see him, ask him. If not, well, it's a weird question to ask somebody anyway. Back to Sha...

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