A-Sides Gets Raw: Talking the Ring and the Road with WWE Divas Champion Paige

September 22, 2014 8:47 PM

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Bra and panties matches are all well and good, but arguably many diehard wrestling fanatics might dismiss gimmick matches like that as simply "eye candy" with a chance of a lucky wardrobe malfunction. But, there's more to the Womens Wrestling Division than a thong, hair toss, and ass slap. While some hardcore fans may not take female wrestling seriously, anyone who followed sports entertainment back in the day and even after know that a Mae Young Bronco Buster was just as entertaining as a Bradshaw clothesline. (By the way, I purposely moved timelines there for effect.)

In any event, the reason I mention this is because World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has had a long line of talented lady grapplers grace their ring-ropes for decade upon decade - but it's arguably heating up the most it ever has right now. AJ Lee, that sexy, cute, and totally bonkers "diva" has h...

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