Should We All Die At 75?

October 2, 2014 11:53 AM

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As I approach my 65th birthday -- January 25 for those wishing to send a card or Medicare application -- I find myself compulsively reading about aging. And just so you know, I'm one of those people who is aging but not getting "old" -- if you get my drift. I work hard, I play harder; I look and feel much younger than my years. And yet I am very much aware of the fact that that won't always be the case and so I like to read about what the next couple of decades might hold for me.

Yes, I own my life. But I have long believed that our deaths belonged to the doctors. Emanuel makes the case that by age 75, we have accomplished most of what we are going to accomplish in our lives and that frankly, it's pretty much all downhill from there. Rather than become a burden to his childr...

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