Shining a Light on Our Dark Secret

August 15, 2014 3:36 PM

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Shining a Light on Our Dark Secret

On my 11 hour drive home from vacation yesterday, I listened to about three hours of analysis, commentary, and dialogue on the horrors currently occurring in Iraq. I'm sure there was more discussion, but three hours was about all I could handle. Then I got home and opened Facebook and saw that nearly all the posts were about the death of Robin Williams. Although I had just heard about unbelievable sadness and tragedy, the news of his death made me cry. The atrocities overseas are horrific and disturbing, and they are something to which I cannot relate. Robin Williams death, however, is totally relateable. It has touched us all because it is personal. He unwittingly has shined a light inside that dark place inside of us, a place we want to keep buried and hidden and something we don't talk about. And we are all aching because of it.

I knew Robin Williams suffered from both addiction and depression. I just didn't know how bad it was. What makes this extra sad and scary for me is that I've been there, and, by the grace of God, have come back. His falling into that chasm and not being able to get back brings that reality right bac...

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