Shell Eco-Marathon 2015 Showcases More Fuel-Efficient “Supercars” Designed by Kids

April 12, 2015 12:31 PM

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Yes, we’re serious – we’re talking about “supercars” here, but there’s a reason why the word is in quotation marks. The term, after all, can refer to super-efficient vehicles that may not be able to go 200 mph or faster, but are capable of mileage figures of 100 mpg or more. So with that said, there are a whole lot of modern-definition “supercars” in Detroit this weekend, as over 1,000 college and high school students from the Americas are now taking part in the three-day Shell Eco-Marathon.

As a disclaimer, a lot of these super-light, super-economical vehicles aren’t pretty, and some really don’t look much like cars at all; in fact, you can say they look more like soapbox derby racers. But some of the competitors in the Shell Eco-Marathon are quite confident about their creations, and...

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