SFist Reviews: Gustavo Dudamel And The LA Philharmonic

March 24, 2014 4:33 PM

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SFist Reviews: Gustavo Dudamel And The LA Philharmonic

It starts simply enough, with a simple theme with both hands in unison, with Yuja playing freely with the beat to give it a leisurely momentum. It then veers into the pyrotechnics Yuja's famous for, but with unexpected patches of beauty. The second movement is Rachmaninoff at his romantic corniest and mushiest. In the middle, comes as a surprise a graceful little staccato waltz, where Yuja found colors of unparalleled transparency with humming bird fingers of ethereal lightness: the perfect redemption for the thick sensory overload surrounding it. The finale exploded in perfect synchrony, the orchestra one with the soloist. Dudamel's lead of the orchestra awed me in a few spot: an eerily mysterious French horn section bit in the first, or the second violins playing spiccato (bouncing the bow off the strings) in the last, or a languorous duet between the flute and the piano in between.

Of course, Yuja being a spirited performer with a fondness for short dresses, there was a parallel backstory: as she wiggled on her chair, her skirt was creeping higher and higher, and there was a suspenseful race between an involuntary exhibitionism and the next break in the piano score to pull dow...

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