Severe Drought Ushered In The Collapse Of Mayan Civilization

December 29, 2014 3:21 PM

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Over the past several decades, scientists have proposed multiple theories to explain the collapse of the Mayan civilization. Historians have linked their demise with everything from overhunting to deforestation to a peasant uprising to an alien invasion. Only one concept has gained some credibility in recent years: severe drought. Since 1995, scientists have been looking closely at the effects of drought. Now a new research suggests that a century-long drought was indeed responsible for the collapse of the ancient Mayan civilization, reports LiveScience.

A previous study published in the journal Science in 2012 analyzed a 2,000-year-old stalagmite from a cave in Belize. Researchers found that the decline in rainfall coincided with the period of collapse of Mayan civilization. The Mayan civilization bloomed between AD 300 and AD 700 in the Yucatan pe...

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