Senior CIA Bad Ass

November 17, 2014 7:02 AM

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Senior CIA Bad Ass

This week’s episode of Homeland opens with a very shaky Carrie waking up in Aasar Khan’s house after the most insane trip of all time. She has absolutely no recollection of the nights events, so Khan gives her a little recap. As she’s washing her face and preparing to take her little a.m. green and white pill, she becomes glaringly aware of the fact that she has been drugged. She accuses Khan, being that she was taken to his house, but he denies it.

Carrie heads back to the embassy and alerts Quinn and Lockhart that she was drugged and there’s been a breach. She’s incredibly alert and clear headed, which is shocking considering what she went through on top of the fact that she hasn’t had her real meds in days. Then Lockhart relays the news of t...

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