Self-Care Strategies After Losing a Grandparent | Susie Wolbe

February 23, 2015 8:51 PM

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Self-Care Strategies After Losing a Grandparent | Susie Wolbe

My father-in-law passed away this week. A man who came into my life in late 1973, he and my mother-in-law were my second set of parents, even after their son and I divorced in 1996. Grandma and Grandpa, together, gave my children a lifetime of memories, spending time with them every weekend, attending every type of "show" in which they were participating, taking them all dressed up in their fanciest clothes to the nicest restaurants in town, fishing, playing bingo, and taking them to every other place else and doing every other thing you could possibly imagine.

Watching my children deal with the pain of aging grandparents, one of whom was very sick, I saw the role reversal that often happens when one generation becomes more frail and the other generation, formerly in need of being cared for themselves, become the caregivers for those they love so dearly. L...

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