On Seeing Online: Archive and Artifice

July 8, 2014 9:44 PM

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On Seeing Online: Archive and Artifice

This edition of On Seeing Online mines the realms of artifice and archive. More than a fun alliteration, these ideas represent polarities of Internet experience. Growing out of our first round of submissions, the title sums up much of what happens online -- we search and seek and file, and we question (if we're thinking) what is real and fabricated, the lines between them blurring more each day. Yet in the midst of ever-expanding technical capacities for artifice, it is surprising -- and gratifying -- how much of online art is still, in many respects, genuine.

Curatorial intern Sapira Cheuk provided organizational support and also broadened our reach with her post on the California Arts Council, to which many of you responded. With the wealth of submissions for this round, we decided to take a broad approach, including artists across the spectrum from pur...

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