See the 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winners and Finalists

April 20, 2015 7:38 PM

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Public Service: The Post and Courier, of Charleston, South Carolina, for “Till Death Do Us Part,” a riveting series that probed why South Carolina is among the deadliest states in the union for women and put the issue of what to do about it on the state’s agenda. Finalists: The Boston Globe for its stories, videos, photos and graphics exposing a poorly regulated, profit-driven housing system that subjected thousands of college students in Boston to unsafe, and even deadly, conditions; and The Wall Street Journal for “Deadly Medicine,” a stellar reporting project that documented the significant cancer risk to women of a common surgery and prompted a change in the prescribed medical treatment.

Breaking News Reporting: The Seattle Times staff for its digital account of a landslide that killed 43 people and the impressive follow-up reporting that explored whether the calamity could have been avoided. Finalists: The Buffalo News staff for a superbly reported and written account of a lake-eff...

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