The sectional sofa: 90 degrees of inspiration

March 27, 2015 5:00 AM

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The sectional sofa: 90 degrees of inspiration

Decorating a living room comes with one almost universal question: sectional or sofa? Sectionals are the obvious space-saver and offer more flexibility with layout than the traditional setup of a sofa and two chairs. They’re the more frugal option, too, if you employ the logic that one piece of furniture is probably cheaper than three. So why do so many of us default to the sofa?

It’s possible we’re daunted by the myriad configuration options that come with picking out sectionals, or bugged by the thought that some unlucky guest won’t have a back cushion. Or maybe it’s pure laziness: Squaring off a sofa and two chairs is easier than getting creative, after all.

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