The Secret Medicine of Heartbroken Kindness

January 20, 2015 4:29 PM

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It is easy to be kind when we are feeling wonderful about life, when we're feeling buoyantly inspired, or luminous in love, or poignantly connected to the mysterious pulse of existence, isn't it? After great sex, or a great meal, or a great day of feeling successful in our endeavors, it's natural to radiate kindness. It's easy to gesture kind offers and kind words when we ourselves are feeling moved by life's blessings, when we are standing in authentic gratitude for all that is lovely and good in the world. When we are reveling in the light of our own bounty, generosity of spirit comes easily, doesn't it? When we are feeling deeply held by life it is so natural to extend that gracious holding to others.

But what about when we are feeling utterly heartbroken by life's relentless intensity? What about the dark-soul-nights of meeting vacant faithlessness and deep, fathomless sorrow? What about when we aren't getting our way in life, when it feels like we are meeting one closed door after another? What...

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