Scott Elliott and the Theater of the Uncomfortable

December 5, 2014 3:31 PM

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Every year there is at least one show I get excited about at The New Group. And then I go. About 50% of the time I am completely confused and miserable that I went, 45% of the time I'm uncomfortable at some point but happy I went and a mere 5% I completely, and joyously, understand what is going on. This has been happening for over a decade. And finally it has hit me while seeing Sticks and Bones (a show that fell into the middle category of New Group experiences) -- Artistic Director Scott Elliott likes making people uncomfortable. That must be a guiding principle behind his choices.

I could go through the whole decade, but I'll start with just a few years back, at Russian Transport. I'm around the right age to be excited about seeing Janeane Garofalo act onstage. Plus, the show sounded like something my mother would love. A Jewish immigrant family is shaken by the arrival of a ...

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