Scientists Want To Use DNA To Classify Snakebites

November 4, 2014 7:14 PM

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Scientists Want To Use DNA To Classify Snakebites

Scientists are currently theorizing that they may soon be able to rapidly determine if a snakebite is venomous. Dr. Ulrich Kuch, of the Institute of Occupational, Social, and Environmental Medicine at Goethe University, in Frankfurt Germany, believes that the same type of DNA sequencing which helps officers catch criminals might work the same way with snakes. The theory is that they can collect DNA from snakes of every region of the world and when someone gets a snakebite, they can test the bite against the DNA database to determine the class of snake, and whether or not it is venomous.

To do this, the first thing they will have to do is collect DNA on snakes from all over the world.

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