Scandal Review: 5 Insane And Incredible Moments From 'No More Blood'

February 20, 2015 3:10 PM

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Can we just agree that no matter how farfetched and insane Scandal gets, as long as Olivia is still a badass it’s still an awesome way to spend an hour? Every time Fitz does something that no President would ever be allowed to do or Huck gets away with torturing yet another person by flashing puppy eyes, we can always say “at least Olivia Pope is still awesome.”

In fact “No More Blood” proves that all of Scandal’s women are MVPs of any scene they’re in. Mellie goes from being blackmailed to being back on track to the presidency in the space of a day. Olivia talks her way out of being sold to Iran. Abby almost single handedly saves Olivia’s life, despite bei...

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