Scandal Recap: All Killed Out

October 18, 2013 2:08 PM

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Scandal Recap: All Killed Out

Three very important things happened: Olivia saw the writing on the wall, Mellie got SUPER drunk, and Earnest Lee “Ernie” Hudson came back into my life like a silky ghost, an eighties specter. Does he bathe in milk? Does he sleep in a coffin? Does he live underground? Does he eat the still-beating hearts of his enemies? He looked spectacular. The man surely has a portrait of his true, old, bedraggled self in his attic.

Huck tried to kill Papa Pope and a woman blew herself up with a homemade bomb, but I was still kind of bored. The entire cast would simultaneously drop dead of exhaustion if all of the episodes were filled with the terse, fast-paced dialogue and tense, heart-stopping plotlines we’ve grown accustomed...

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