Say Yes to Success, But Define It First

October 7, 2014 11:43 PM

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Say Yes to Success, But Define It First

I've recently found myself bothered by the limited definition of success as defined by what seems to be most of society. This could come across as extremely trite and even naive, but why is it that wealth and material accumulation has become the sole definition of someone who has "made it"? I remember starting college over a decade ago (holy shit) and when I wrote a description of what I hoped for in my future, I wrote "someday I hope to find a career that I am happy to wake up to each morning." Maybe I'm really lucky that even though I never lacked any needs and could maybe even have been considered well off growing up, my parents never let me forget that money was not meant to be everything in life. Any goal I've ever set for myself has never been mutually inclusive with getting rich. That was true of me as a child, as a young adult starting college, and now, as someone at 30.

I am not against capitalism. I am not judgmental towards anyone who does want a lot of money and things. If that's their goal and they achieved it, then I would define that as successful. On that same note, if all someone ever wanted was a spouse, children, and to be part of a family, and they now h...

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