Saudi Arabia, Supporters Brave Varied Geopolitical Forces In Yemen

April 9, 2015 9:58 PM

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For the past two weeks, Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen, its neighbor to the South. Those airstrikes are targeted at Houthi rebels who have steadily advanced, seizing territory and forcing the Yemeni president to flee. There are broad geopolitical forces at work in this conflict. Saudi Arabia is backed by several nations in the region and by the United States, which is supplying weapons and intelligence. The Houthis are backed by Saudi rival, Iran. Simon Henderson has been writing about the wider impact of this conflict. He's with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and joins me here in the studio. Welcome.

BLOCK: The Saudis obviously are trying to defeat the Houthi rebels, but you say there's much more to it than that. You call it Saudi paranoia. What do you consider to be at the root of that paranoia?

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