Saturday Night Live recap: 'Kevin Hart and Sia'

January 18, 2015 4:40 PM

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Kevin Hart certainly got a workout on Saturday Night Live last night, bouncing and vibrating through roles as Shouting James Brown, Shouting Rapper, Shouting Guy in a Medieval Musical Who Doesn't Want to Be in a Musical, and Shouting Kevin Hart (both in the 8-minute standup routine that served as his monologue and opposite Jay Pharoah's typically on-point Hart impression). Say what you will about the comedian, but you can't deny he brings a certain energy to the stage. (Or at least, you know, a lot of energy.)

That said: Despite Hart's frenetic quivering, last night's show still fell largely flat. Maybe that's because its best bits—a timely and nicely pointed cold open, and a great prerecorded parody of Justin Bieber's icky Calvin Klein campaign—came very early in the night, giving it nowhere to go but do...

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