“Saturday Night Live” Gets Trumped

November 8, 2015 5:10 PM

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“He’s perfect!” Drunk Uncle, one of the commentator characters on “Saturday Night Live” ’s Weekend Update said of Donald Trump, who happened to be the host of the show last night. “He’s like a big old beautiful Monopoly man.” Drunk Uncle (played by Bobby Moynihan) blinked at his drink. Trump was “someone who has been saying the things that I have been thinking as well as saying.” And the two of them were so alike, sort of. They both liked White Russians. Trump had a wife named Melania and that was, as far as Drunk Uncle could recollect, what his doctor said his mole was called. As Colin Jost, one of the anchors, tried to quiet him, Drunk Uncle cried out about “crime perpetrated by immigrants.” Then he sniffled some more.

There was a scenario in which “S.N. L..” having secured Trump as a host, might have engaged his affinity for self-parody in a way that exposed him more fully than he would have liked. Instead, all they added was a little gold-plating. Trump looked tacky, but we already knew that. The show didn’t, in...

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