Santa Barbara International Film Festival | Sally Fay

February 23, 2015 7:48 PM

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On Sunday, February 1st, I was in "the first audience to see" the World Premiere of an independent film from Finland called "Eila, Rampe and Baby Girl (Eila, Rampe ja Likka)," a charming, funny, "trading places,""clash of generations and social classes,"comedy. The story focuses on Baby Girl, a young poet with eccentric parents and a "tiresome" boyfriend, Pirrka. Baby Girl is drawn to the depth and intellect of her japanese friend who is helping her translate her poetry. Her mother, thinking it's time for Baby Girl to get married, wants to impress Pirrka's mother and begins telling a series of lies that escalate out of control when they are all in the Finnish countryside one summer day. The story is fun with an underlying message that there is deeper meaning and loveliness in life, if we are able to be like poets and see what is really important.

The writer, Sinikka Nopola, and publicist, Oona Hemmi, were at the Q & A. Sinikka writes with her sister, Tiina Nopola, who was not at the screening. Together they have written many short stories, novels and plays and 50 books for children. This was their fifth film.

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