Sad Clown: How Robin Williams Influenced This Comedian

August 15, 2014 2:00 AM

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The day my dad came home with a VHS copy of Mrs. Doubtfire is a day that is forever implanted into my memory. It was a typical Saturday. My brother and I were sitting in the living room, trying to stay out of our mom's way as she cleaned the house. My brother was lying around, teasing me, and I was trying to get him to laugh by putting on skits and singing into our karaoke machine, making silly voices and making up stories.

My dad walked into the room and said he had something for us. He put the film into the player and sat down with the two of us, and for the next several months every Saturday would be spent like this, with me sitting with my chin in my hands, leaning in as close to the television set as I could, stud...

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