What's the Use of Painful Emotions?

July 19, 2014 1:27 PM

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What's the Use of Painful Emotions?

Imagine you've asked your child six times to come to dinner and she shows no sign of putting down her phone. Or your co-worker promised to change the copier toner and a week later, that yellow warning light is still blinking. In either case, you know that this is not really a big deal, but right now, in this moment, you're as angry as you've ever been. You press that anger down as best you can, but you also fear you're going to end up exploding somehow, because all that emotional energy has to go somewhere.

There's nothing quite as destabilizing as anger, or other negative emotions like sadness or anxiety. What's worse, we're taught to suppress these negative emotions, so when we snap and show our sadness or the depth of our worry, we often feel ashamed, which in turn leads to more anger or deeper sadn...

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