What's So Special About Meditation?

December 16, 2014 4:15 PM

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I've flirted with meditation for years, starting at the age of 23. Living in San Francisco at the time, I was introduced to TM (otherwise know as Transcendental Meditation -- yes, the one made famous by the Beatles). It scared me a little, because I didn't understand how it worked. It seemed almost mystical. I'd read all the research and was impressed by the long list of incredible, positive things it was said to address, including anxiety and stress, while generally promoting tranquility in a hectic life.

The promise of all of that was intriguing, but it took me another three years before I went back and actually took a class. From that moment, I sensed something shifting, but my mind continued to resist. I was skeptical. How could meditation possibly do all of these things? Could it really be that e...

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