That's Show Biz/ Corrupt Condos | Robert Whitcomb

February 17, 2015 9:43 PM

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That's Show Biz/ Corrupt Condos | Robert Whitcomb

I'd say, at least part of the tempest about Brian Williams's alleged exaggerations/lies/amnesia regarding his Iraq, Katrina, Mandela adventures, etc., is to blame on coverage cutbacks by the big TV networks. While 30 years ago, the then Big Three -- ABC, CBS and NBC (Mr. Williams's employer) --- had dozens of correspondents, including some abroad, there are far fewer now, as with big newspapers.

So the celeb known as ''the anchor'' has garnered an ever-larger percentage of networks news' money and attention. These hosts are under persistent pressure, fueled by the necessary narcissism and vast salaries, to promote themselves as world-historical personalities -- making themselves players in ...

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