What It's REALLY Like To Have A Colonoscopy

January 23, 2015 1:52 AM

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Coming up on my third colonoscopy, I am reminded that there is a stigma for medical issues of the colon. Before my very first colonoscopy when I was 15, I was laughed at by an acquaintance for saying that I would be getting a colonoscopy, as there is a certain shame that permeates the digestive system and the idea of a colonoscopy, especially for young people who are not typically expected to need such a procedure. After all, isn't it amusing to get a camera on a hose shoved up your butt after swallowing laxatives for a day? Through the years, I realized that although this procedure is vital, talk surrounding it is delicate because of disgust, as well as fear: fear of the prep, the procedure, and especially fear that someone might know that, *gasp*, you have a colon! In my attempt to break this stigma and make the colonoscopy seem like an approachable subject, I have decided to journal my road to the scope.

It's the night before the last day before fast/prep day, an odd place to start recording my journey to the scope, but I have been dreading this week since mid-December, and I only came up with the idea of a colonoscopy journal five minutes ago. Despite the fact that I have been feeling sick with Cro...

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